Wednesday, November 26, 2008

in loving memory-chemong

kucin aku nie dh 3 hari sakit. xtau la pasal aper but then since die sakit makan or minum die xnak. air liur meleleh cm sakit mulut. niat aku mmg nk hntr die g kinik mlm td lps blk kije. so aku pn pulang ngan hati berbunge2 nk amik die.. aaarrrgghhhh!!! aku blk tgk dlm sangkar die dh keras n sejuk. xsmpt aku nk bwk g kinik.. die dh mati ms aku g kije. sob.sob. cik mok dtg n tulun tnmkan kt dpn umah. semlm aku xbley tido bb zeelan pn aku tgk ader ciri2 penyakit yg samer. then ths morning aku bwk die g kinik. doc just said that lets hope for the best. ths is one of the cat virus. only 1 out of 1000 cats will survive. what???????.. i dont noe what to do next. doc just give me a few tips for preventive. zeelan need to be under observation for 2weeks. if ok then br bley doc ksk die injection vaccin. i aldy lost 2 cats. not another 2 (which is zeelan n jambu). herm.. nw i dont feel like to werk. i love chemong and alwiz..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

i've been tagged.. arrgghhh

Name: Liza Mohamed
Sister(s): no
Brother(s): 2
Shoe size: 6
Height:156 cm
Where do you live:Damansara
Have you ever been on a plane : Yes. when i'm 12yrs old. Bangkok.
Swam in the ocean: Yes but it was a few years back.
Fallen asleep at school: always. but still cn cntrl and never been caught by anyone
Broken someone’s heart: yup
Fell off your chair: Never
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: yup
What is your room like: Queen bed, side table, fan, tv.
What’s right beside you: handphone, charger, water bottle
What is the last thing you ate: ikan bakar, kobis goreng.
Ever had…
Chicken pox: Yes. after came back from Bangkok (sigh)
Sore throat: Yup.
Stitches: Never
Broken nose: Nope
Do you…
Believe in love at first sight : Yup.. Jejaka idaman SAB.. hahaha
Who was/were…
The last person you danced with: nobody
Last made you smile: Mok..
You last yelled at: hermm.. nope
Today did you…
Talk to someone you like: of cource :)
Get sick: when my "best friend" coming every mth. my back pain like hell.
Miss someone: the cutest miqail.. hehee.. cant wait to go back to jb..
Did you ever…
Kissed anyone: herm.. do i need to answer ths question?.. yes.
Talk to an ex: Yup. ask him to return back my album.. hehe
Miss your ex: NO
Who do you really hate: as per current my team leader.
Do you like your hand-writing: hehe yes.
Are your toe nails painted: No.
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: my brother bed.. so comfortable. made him and sister in law slept outside when i stay at his house.. hahaha
What color shirt are you wearing now: Blue.
Are you a friendly person: YES
Do you have any pets: yes. 3 cats. jambu, zeelan and chemong
Do you sleep with the TV on: always. need to set the timer. haha
What are you doing right now: office. hv to werk on saturday(arrgghh!!).
Can you handle the truth:maybe.
Are you closer to your mother or father: Both.
Do you eat healthy: No.
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex:No.
If you’re having a bad day,
who are you most likely to go to: Mok.
Are you loud or quiet most of the time: Mostly loud but depends in what situation I am.
Are you confident: hehehe.. yup even when i'm lie.
5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1. in school
2. just start a relationship wit Mok.
3. going to a trip (Waterfall) wit my gabanz friend.
4. lepaking at leisure mall
5. take spm.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. pay out all my debts
2. bring my family to holiday every year
3. take my mom to Mecca ever year
4. buy my dream car..( BMW M3 @ VW Golf GTI)
5. shopping

5 places I’ve lived/living
1. Larkin JB
2. Cheras, KL
3. Larkin JB
4. Damansara , PJ
5. Shah Alam

Your tagged. Ur turn. heheheh

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pasal aku anak pompuan eh?

ujan sejak dua menjak menyebabkan aku cm mls nk g kije. dhla aircond kt opis ni cm kt antartika. pakai gloves pn sejuk lg. kalu kt umah mmg cnfrm aku dh tarik comforter nie. anyway aku bkn nk tulis psl ujan ker tido ker. tp semlm aderla mahkluk tuhan yg tanyer aku question yg aku susah banget nk jwb. "za, bile lg? smue geng dh siap nk masuk anak 2." ish.. naper la musti aku kene jawab soklan tuh erk? kalu pk2 mmg tu la soklan yg sedare mare aku asik tanyer setiap kali raya. muak tul. bukan xnk kawin tp mahal sgt.. hehe( dh mcm aku plak nk pinang mok erk?).. aku ni mmg yg bukan jenis nk sanding2nyer type kot.. cm leceh plak nk posing2 nie. (tp bile tgk kawan aku kawin cm gedik plak nak sanding2).. bile aku ckp ngan mak aku alasannyer adalah " ko tuh anak pompuan aku sorg. kalu abang ko bley naper ko plak xnak?".. herm.. sampai situ aku cm dah mati akal. bile aku ckp kite bt yg kecik2 jek. sedare+kekwn yg rapat. alasannyer lagi" xbaik. kite kan ramai sedare mare. nnt aper kater dorg?".. tu lg 1. aku yg nk kawin tp np plak nk pikirkan "aper kater" sedare mare erk? entahla. bile pikir2kan bende penat la aku. adalah kerana aku anak pompuan pasal tuh aku kene buat majlis grand2 ker? aper pn jdk yg penting NIKAH.. kan?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

naper erk?

penin kepale aku memikirkannyer. naper bley jdk begitu? naper bley jdk begini? herm.. kusut betul aku sejak 2-3 menjak nie. ish.. susah tul nk diceritakan... hermm..